Pronunciation & Accent Reduction

Are you frustrated with your new language because people have difficulty understanding you? Are you being turned down for jobs or promotions? Are you afraid to speak in the language in a formal setting? Then this course is for you.

Our speech specialists will give you a free diagnostic test to determine your particular problems and difficulties in the specific language. After the evaluation, the specialist will set up a specific curriculum for you. The student will learn the precise pronunciation of sounds by learning how to form the mouth and facial muscles correctly through targeted pronunciation drills, free conversation and advanced reading from well-known periodicals. The student will study and learn proper intonation as well as how changes in intonation can change the meaning. For those who need to improve their public speaking, in addition to the above practice, the student will practice real-life speeches which will be critiqued for correct pronunciation, intonation and meaning. The student will repeatedly practice the speeches until they become comfortable for the speaker and understandable for the listener.

The class sessions are tape recorded so that the student will be able to listen to him/herself and repeat the specific drills and hear the subtleties of the corrections made in class. This course is recommended to do as a private class in order to receive the detailed attention required to diagnose and correct the student's specific problems. This course is excellent for those who want to speak confidently and professionally or for anyone who feels impaired by their natural accent.



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