Language Proficiency Exam Preparation

Does your University require you to take a foreign language proficiency exam? Would you like to skip lower-level language courses? This private course will successfully prepare you for the foreign language proficiency exam at any level of your education. You will intensively review all verb tenses, rules of grammar, study and build your vocabulary, and learn how the rules apply within the test format by learning test strategies and taking practice examinations. This course is also useful for advanced level students who would like to utilize the exam as a determination of their level and ability in the foreign language or to bypass lower-level language courses.



New Program: Spanish for the Medical Professional This tailored course would be helpful for any health professional tending Spanish-speaking patients. Cultural Event: Explore Undiscovered DCSpend a day practicing English while touring lesser-known sites in Washington, DC. New Classes Forming all of the time: Chinese, English, French, Italian & SpanishOur rotating schedule means you can start a class nearly anytime. Intensive Courses
These courses are intended to help you advance your language ability in a short period of time.


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