Language Instruction

LanguageOne's wide variety of language learning programs and courses are designed to meet the students' precise needs, timeframe, and budget. We utilize an active, conversational technique which encourages the students to actively participate in the class and develop confidence in the target language. After completing a LanguageOne evaluation, students will be placed into groups according to their level and immediate requirements. For more advanced students, we will gladly design courses for their individual needs.

Teaching Method

Language 1-2-3 is LanguageOne's creative, interactive language learning method. We utilize a conversational, communicative method with the use of multi-media to train you from day one to understand, speak, and read & write the language quickly and naturally. This communicative approach is a methodology proven by current linguistic research to be the mose effective for learning a new language. The communicative approach places strong emphasis on the communication features of learning a foreign language - that is speaking, listening and practicing real-life situations in a fun and natural way.

LanguageOne utilizes professional, native instructors who are trained in our interactive conversational technique. Our teachers teach the new language using only the target language. They will teach you the way that you learned your own native language as a child -- by hearing sounds, imitating and repeating them. You will connect these sounds first to objects, then to actions. You will start with some fundamental vocabulary and gradually expand your base as you build confidence. Soon you will be conversing and thinking in your new language. This permits you to avoid the pitfall of needing to translate into your native language and thus allow you to become fluent more quickly and naturally. 

What will you do in class?

After completing the LanguageOne Evaluation, you will be placed into a very small group with other people who share the same interests and motivation for learning the language. You will discuss topics that are culturally and professionally meaningful. In addition, you will speak only your new language in class and thus will learn correct pronunciation by listening to your native teacher. Our lively classes will allow you to make new friends and have fun while you learn.

What progress can you expect?

If you are a complete beginner, after just six (6) hours of instruction through a natural method of question and answer drills, you will be able to engage in small conversations. After twelve (12) hours of class, you will be able to converse in the new language and travel easily in the foreign country. After twenty-four (24) hours of instruction, you will have covered some verb tenses, will have a large vocabulary and will be able to ask and answer questions. DVDs, videos, the Internet, CDs and audio tapes will be included in the class curriculum to develop listening comprehension and generate conversations.

At the high intermediate to advanced level, you will learn and utilize all verb tenses and advanced grammar in natural task-based or topic-based conversations and tasks. You will enlarge your vocabulary and learn idiomatic expressions through advanced readings and discussion. Recordings of news & radio programs, oral readings of newspapers, cultural articles and short stories will help you perfect your language skills as you discuss current national, international and cultural events.


Before you decide to study in our Language Program, one of our linguistic specialists will meet with you to determine your current linguistic abilities, your current and future needs, your time schedule, your budget and your long-term goals for using the new language. We will then discuss with you in detail exactly what your level and ability are at this point and what your weaknesses and strengths are in the language. We will ask you to tell us what you feel your difficulties are in the language because one often has an inaccurate view of one's own needs. We will discuss with you our suggested plan and curriculum of study as well as discuss various options within your budget. 

If you are satisfied with our assessment and program, you may register for a short or long-term course of study payable monthly if so desired. Throughout your course of study, the Director will monitor your progress through direct communication with your teacher(s), they will check with you at the beginning and during your course, and they will send you a questionnaire to get your specific feedback and suggestions at the end. If you feel you would like to continue your studies with LanguageOne, the Director will meet with you again to set up a new plan of action and curriculum.

Private Instruction

Do you have specific needs in the new language? Does your work or home schedule restrict you from taking classes on a regular, predictable basis? Then our private classes are for you. Private instruction will fulfill your precise language requirements. You will progress at your own pace, and you may ask as many questions as you like. The private course is good for any level student with special needs and interests. Since the class scheduling is flexible, it is perfect for those who travel frequently or who have erratic schedules.

Group Instruction

Do you want to improve your conversational skills in a natural, group setting just as you may encounter in life at a dinner party, inter-office conference, club meeting or athletic group? Our group instruction is set in a very small class which will enable you to be an active participant rather than a passive spectator in a classroom filled with many students. Thus, you will be placed into a class with up to five other students at your level and with similar linguistic goals. This is a relaxed, fun way to learn and practice your new language. It is great for beginning, intermediate and advanced students or for those who would like to improve or maintain their conversation skills on a regular basis. 

Advanced Discussion Group

Do you need to perfect your language skills or do you want to maintain your language ability on a regular basis? This class is conducted in a discussion format and is for advanced students interested in speaking and writing perfectly and intuitively without inhibition. You will read and discuss articles on contemporary topics, watch short video segments, and practice advanced role plays that will teach you how to express yourself correctly and confidently.

On-site Instruction

Are you too busy at work to come to our location or do you have difficulty finding a babysitter? One of our professional instructors will be happy to travel to your office or home. We will work around your busy schedule at your convenience and provide you with the same high quality language instruction you get in our own location. This can be arranged as a private or group course according to your needs.

Travelers Course

Why travel in isolation? 

Why should you spend so much money and time planning a trip and then not be able to fully enjoy your experience because of a language barrier? Our Traveler's Course will help you make the most of your upcoming trip abroad. In this conversational class, attention will focus on asking and answering questions using vocabulary and scenarios you will encounter as a traveler such as: asking for directions, ordering in a restaurant, telling time, numbers & money; shopping in markets boutiques and departments stores; taking taxis, buses, trains, and airplanes; and visiting museums and other special points of interest. After this course, you will be able to experience daily life in the country you are visiting and eliminate the stress and frustration of not being able to communicate, thus allowing you to fully enjoy your trip.

Intensive & Immersion Programs

Would you like to learn or improve your new language quickly? Our intensive immersion programs are designed for the student's specific needs, level and time frame. We recommend doing a combination of small group and private classes to maximize learning. This gives the student a great start or review in the language. Students will read and discuss articles on contemporary topics, watch and discuss short video segments for listening comprehension, and practice real life role-plays while learning and applying the basic concepts of correct grammar. This course is great for beginning to intermediate students who hope to study or work in the foreign language or for those who will just be vacationing abroad.

Refresher Courses

Do you feel like you have lost your ability in a language? The Refresher Course is designed for people who have previously studied the language, but who are rusty. This small group course starts with a quick review of all beginning material including everyday vocabulary, verbs and role plays for situations in travel, work or daily life. 

After completing a thorough review, the course will focus on more advanced verb tenses and grammatical structures while continuing to build vocabulary through conversational drills. Video segments and short readings will be utilized to improve listening comprehension.

Language Proficiency Exam Preparation

Does your University require you to take a foreign language proficiency exam? Would you like to skip lower-level language courses? This private course will successfully prepare you for the foreign language proficiency exam at any level of your education. You will intensively review all verb tenses, rules of grammar, study and build your vocabulary, and learn how the rules apply within the test format by learning test strategies and taking practice examinations. This course is also useful for advanced level students who would like to utilize the exam as a determination of their level and ability in the foreign language or to bypass lower-level language courses.

Advanced Writing Courses

Would you like to write well in a foreign language for work or for personal reasons? This course is for high intermediate to advanced students who want to write perfectly for work, university studies or personal reasons. The student will review all verb tenses and advanced grammar, study correct punctuation, use of prepositions, advanced and specialized vocabulary depending on the student's needs, and the principles of composition and style.

Specialized Vocabulary & Idiomatic Expressions

Do you need to learn particular terminology related to your job or would you like to learn idiomatic expressions in a foreign language? This course can be taken in a small group or private class depending on the student's preferences. It is available for intermediate to advanced students who want to build and improve their vocabulary. 

Through targeted lessons, readings, and discussions, students will learn, practice, and incorporate new and specialized vocabulary into their language. Idiomatic expressions will be explained in detail by the native teacher who understands the nuances in meaning and usage of these common expressions. The students will then have the opportunity to use the expressions in question and answer drills, readings and discussions. These expressions are lots of fun and are vital for those who want a complete understanding of the foreign language and culture.

Pronunciation & Accent Reduction

Are you frustrated with your new language because people have difficulty understanding you? Are you being turned down for jobs or promotions? Are you afraid to speak in the language in a formal setting? Then this course is for you.

Our speech specialists will give you a free diagnostic test to determine your particular problems and difficulties in the specific language. After the evaluation, the specialist will set up a specific curriculum for you. The student will learn the precise pronunciation of sounds by learning how to form the mouth and facial muscles correctly through targeted pronunciation drills, free conversation and advanced reading from well-known periodicals. The student will study and learn proper intonation as well as how changes in intonation can change the meaning. For those who need to improve their public speaking, in addition to the above practice, the student will practice real-life speeches which will be critiqued for correct pronunciation, intonation and meaning. The student will repeatedly practice the speeches until they become comfortable for the speaker and understandable for the listener.

The class sessions are tape recorded so that the student will be able to listen to him/herself and repeat the specific drills and hear the subtleties of the corrections made in class. This course is recommended to do as a private class in order to receive the detailed attention required to diagnose and correct the student's specific problems. This course is excellent for those who want to speak confidently and professionally or for anyone who feels impaired by their natural accent.

Cultural Events and Study Trips

LanguageOne's Study Trips in 2009-2010

We are currently planning our next Study Trips for 2009-2010. Possible trips include Mexico, Spain, France, Canada and Dominican Republic. Contact Lorraine by email: if you are interested or would like to request any other trips. 


Open House

We occasionally hold an Open House at LanguageOne. This Open House is our way of inviting passers-by to learn about our classes, ask questions about any of our services or programs without any pressure. If you like you may take a sample demonstration lesson with one of our instructors. Stay tuned for more information on our next Open House this fall.


Intensive Days

We will be hosting “Intensive Days” during the week and on Saturdays throughout the year in various languages. The purpose of the “Intensive Day” is to spend an entire day immersed in the language as if you were in the country. We will begin with a breakfast lesson to get to know everyone and to review the materials and vocabulary needed for the day. We will then visit a cultural site, exhibit and/or event in the DC area while using the target language the entire time. We will end with a late lunch to discuss the day in a natural setting. Please stay tuned for more specific information.



New Program: Spanish for the Medical Professional This tailored course would be helpful for any health professional tending Spanish-speaking patients. Cultural Event: Explore Undiscovered DCSpend a day practicing English while touring lesser-known sites in Washington, DC. New Classes Forming all of the time: Chinese, English, French, Italian & SpanishOur rotating schedule means you can start a class nearly anytime. Intensive Courses
These courses are intended to help you advance your language ability in a short period of time.


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