Travelers Course

Why travel in isolation? 

Why should you spend so much money and time planning a trip and then not be able to fully enjoy your experience because of a language barrier? Our Traveler's Course will help you make the most of your upcoming trip abroad. In this conversational class, attention will focus on asking and answering questions using vocabulary and scenarios you will encounter as a traveler such as: asking for directions, ordering in a restaurant, telling time, numbers & money; shopping in markets boutiques and departments stores; taking taxis, buses, trains, and airplanes; and visiting museums and other special points of interest. After this course, you will be able to experience daily life in the country you are visiting and eliminate the stress and frustration of not being able to communicate, thus allowing you to fully enjoy your trip.



New Program: Spanish for the Medical Professional This tailored course would be helpful for any health professional tending Spanish-speaking patients. Cultural Event: Explore Undiscovered DCSpend a day practicing English while touring lesser-known sites in Washington, DC. New Classes Forming all of the time: Chinese, English, French, Italian & SpanishOur rotating schedule means you can start a class nearly anytime. Intensive Courses
These courses are intended to help you advance your language ability in a short period of time.


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