Teaching Method

Language 1-2-3 is LanguageOne's creative, interactive language learning method. We utilize a conversational, communicative method with the use of multi-media to train you from day one to understand, speak, and read & write the language quickly and naturally. This communicative approach is a methodology proven by current linguistic research to be the mose effective for learning a new language. The communicative approach places strong emphasis on the communication features of learning a foreign language - that is speaking, listening and practicing real-life situations in a fun and natural way.

LanguageOne utilizes professional, native instructors who are trained in our interactive conversational technique. Our teachers teach the new language using only the target language. They will teach you the way that you learned your own native language as a child -- by hearing sounds, imitating and repeating them. You will connect these sounds first to objects, then to actions. You will start with some fundamental vocabulary and gradually expand your base as you build confidence. Soon you will be conversing and thinking in your new language. This permits you to avoid the pitfall of needing to translate into your native language and thus allow you to become fluent more quickly and naturally. 

What will you do in class?

After completing the LanguageOne Evaluation, you will be placed into a very small group with other people who share the same interests and motivation for learning the language. You will discuss topics that are culturally and professionally meaningful. In addition, you will speak only your new language in class and thus will learn correct pronunciation by listening to your native teacher. Our lively classes will allow you to make new friends and have fun while you learn.

What progress can you expect?

If you are a complete beginner, after just six (6) hours of instruction through a natural method of question and answer drills, you will be able to engage in small conversations. After twelve (12) hours of class, you will be able to converse in the new language and travel easily in the foreign country. After twenty-four (24) hours of instruction, you will have covered some verb tenses, will have a large vocabulary and will be able to ask and answer questions. DVDs, videos, the Internet, CDs and audio tapes will be included in the class curriculum to develop listening comprehension and generate conversations.

At the high intermediate to advanced level, you will learn and utilize all verb tenses and advanced grammar in natural task-based or topic-based conversations and tasks. You will enlarge your vocabulary and learn idiomatic expressions through advanced readings and discussion. Recordings of news & radio programs, oral readings of newspapers, cultural articles and short stories will help you perfect your language skills as you discuss current national, international and cultural events.




New Program: Spanish for the Medical Professional This tailored course would be helpful for any health professional tending Spanish-speaking patients. Cultural Event: Explore Undiscovered DCSpend a day practicing English while touring lesser-known sites in Washington, DC. New Classes Forming all of the time: Chinese, English, French, Italian & SpanishOur rotating schedule means you can start a class nearly anytime. Intensive Courses
These courses are intended to help you advance your language ability in a short period of time.


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