When you need to orally communicate with foreign clients for meetings, conferences, business, legal or personal matters, we can provide you with professional interpreters with a variety of expertise into & from all languages.

These services are available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.


Do you need someone to translate for you as you attend meetings and conferences, to accompany you to a doctor’s office or simply to accompany you during your stay in a foreign city? Our escort interpreters are specialized in guiding foreign visitors through their daily activities, whether touring the city, shopping, visiting a medical doctor or conducting important business. The interpreters will translate into and from your native language so that you can feel at ease knowing there is someone with you who understands your language and culture and can help you, advise you and be there to accompany you wherever you need.


This interpreting service is available for attorneys requiring foreigners to appear for court depositions or trials. The interpreter will provide accurate information and ensure that all parties involved understand one another to protect against misunderstandings.


This interpreting method is used during formal conferences or meetings when a large or small number of individuals must understand. The speaker pauses every few sentences to allow the interpreter to orally translate after him/her for the entire group or the interpreter will whisper the translation to a small group while the speech is in progress. Additionally, the interpreter can translate questions and answers for all involved.


This interpreting service is used at large, formal conferences. The interpreters are situated in booths and work in pairs for each language combination. The participants wear headsets allowing them to listen to the interpreter who translates simultaneously as the speaker is talking.


Do you need to speak to a foreign client by telephone? Our telephone interpreters can arrange a three-way call for you, dealing with the overseas operator, receptionist or secretary and reach your client directly at a predetermined date and time. All this can be done from your home or office saving you the time and cost of having an interpreter travel to you. The interpreter will translate into and from your native language so that you and your client can communicate quickly and easily.

Voice-Overs & Narration

This is not really a type of interpreting or translation method but is useful in radio, video and other film or taped media forms where a professional voice expert or actor is needed to speak in a foreign language.  Here the voice-over narrator is given a written script that s/he studies before delivering taped foreign language presentation. Voice-over narration is often performed for video, TV and radio presentations, documentaries and training courses.  In these types of assignments we provide talented professional actors and public speakers possessing native or near-native fluency of the target language.

Cost-Effective Interpreting

Here are a few ideas that we that we hope you will find useful for managing your interpreting assignments.



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