We deliver accurate, high-quality translations in ALL languages & all subject matters including: Legal, Technical, Medical & Commercial documents.

LanguageOne Translator Network utilizes professional, native ATA translators with a wide variety of expertise who have been screened and tested. We offer complete confidentiality and certification. We will provide your document in any format you require and deliver your project in any method you prefer on time!


The First-Draft Translation is perfect when you simply need to know what a document says. Your document will be translated by one native translator only. This is an inexpensive way to establish the meaning of a document or to determine which portions of a large document might require certification.


With the Standard Translation, your document will be translated by a native translator, then proofread by a second translator. The document is checked for correct spelling and grammar using software language tools and dictionaries. We will provide the finished version in the same format as the original document.


Choose this type of translation when you need to have your document typeset or published. This is similar to a Standard Translation in that it will be translated and proofread by two native translators.  Your document will then be formatted and typeset to your exact specifications.

This type of translation includes a third proofreading performed after completing the typesetting to correct typos and other errors that often occur during the typesetting process.  The client will be able to make changes or edits to the text before the third proofreading.  Final output of the document can be delivered according to the client's preference.


The Certified Translation follows the same process as the Standard Translation which is translated and proofread by two native translators. The proof of certification includes a signed and dated stamp with a raised seal of authenticity attesting to the accuracy of the translation. This translation is guaranteed by LanguageOne.

Ad Copy

Ad Copy requires more than just the translation skills of a translator. It requires time and understanding of the product or service being promoted for the translators to compose and recreate the style and nuance of the original copy. The client will be asked questions about their product or service in order for the translator to better understand the concept of the ad. You will also be asked where the target ad will be released so that the translator can avoid cultural taboos in composing the new copy so that you can effectively market your product.


If you want to expand your business into the international market, LanguageOne can help you translate your software applications and Web pages to be linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. At the same time we can provide technical consultation with your Web and software developers in order for your product to resemble its original appearance.

In addition to translating your application's user interface, data values, and message prompts, LanguageOne will translate and desktop publish all of the technical documentation packaged with your application including program and system specifications, installation manuals and user guides. We can recompile your translated Help files using any of the popular on-line Help tools.

If you wish, your translated Web pages, software applications and documentation will be formatted and typeset to your specifications. LanguageOne has extensively worked with a wide variety of the world's fonts that are available in all languages including Eastern and Western European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Cyrillic characters.

Because of the complexity of these types of projects, this translation includes a third proofreading which will occur after the publishing is completed. This proofreading is scheduled to avoid typos and misplaced paragraphs that often occur while typesetting or desktop publishing the application's display screens, data selection values, message windows, and on-line Help.

We can also test your software application's performance accuracy or hyperlinks after the updates are completed and before it is released to your customer(s). At that point, we will make recommendations for changes or edits to the product. Final delivery of your project can be via email, FTP, or overnight delivery of CD-ROM.


If you have a large volume of documents and materials in a foreign language and a restricted budget to work with let one of our language experts consult with you. We will send one of our language consultants to your office (anywhere in the US) to review your assignment and assist you in prioritizing and determining the relevance of the various parts of the document for your particular job before you begin the translation process.

Our language consultant will read through the materials and present you with a brief review or digest of what the material is about. This brief will provide you with the general meaning of the section and allow you to quickly determine what information is useful and relevant to your project. The brief can be presented to you either orally (in person) or as short written descriptions with an itemized listing by paragraph, section or page.

Cost-effective Translation

Here are a few ideas that we that we hope you will find useful for managing your translation assignments.


  • Put page numbers (in correct order) on the completed document to prevent confusion and quickly identify missing parts or sections to the document.

  • Don’t have your document or publication materials translated until after it has gone through a complete and thorough editing and review process and you are sure that it is as clear, concise, complete, and correct as possible. Avoid asking for your materials to be translated or typeset while they are still in the review and editing process.

  • Generally, the more time given to translate a document the more consistent, free of errors, and accurate the translation will be. It takes just as long if not a little bit longer to translate a document correctly as it takes to write and edit the document. This is because translators must understand what the source document is communicating before s/he can translate it into the target language.

  • Minimize redundancy from your documents by either indicating on the source document what doesn't need to be translated or physically removing it from the document.

  • Have someone within your organization enter the numbers in charts & tables.




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