About us

LanguageOne is a unique, multilingual service offering language instruction, translation, interpreting and typesetting.  We endeavor to attract the most professional linguists and provide an innovative service to suit our client's exact needs. Our mission is to participate in bridging cultural gaps and aid others in communicating with and understanding all peoples.

What's New

LanguageOne will celebrate its 25th year in the fall of 2008! We plan to host some cultural events during the year. Go to "Cultural Events" for more information.

We are continuing to develop Kid's classes to encourage bilingualism at an early age. We offer classes in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian and English for school-age children .

We have developed a new system of self-testing and evaluation so that students and teachers can monitor their progress. Stay tuned for more information.

We will be hosting “Intensive Days” during the week and on Saturdays throughout the year in various languages. The purpose of the “Intensive Day” is to spend an entire day immersed in the language as if you were in the country. We will begin with a breakfast lesson to get to know everyone and to review the materials and vocabulary needed for the day. We will then visit a cultural site, exhibit and/or event in the DC area while using the target language the entire time. We will end with a late lunch to discuss the day in a natural setting. Please stay tuned for more specific information.

Contacting Us

To reach us by telephone, call 202.328.0099 in the Washington, DC metro area or toll-free 1.800.849.5695.

For a FREE estimate of your translation work, email your document to us at translations@languageone.com or Fax us some sample pages at 202-328-1610.  Our FAX is operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

For employment opportunities email your resume: sevans@languageone.com.

Finding Us

We are easy to find!

LanguageOne is located in Woodley Park near the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Calvert Street. We are just one block south of the Woodley Park/National Zoo metro station near the Omni Shoreham and Wardman-Park Marriott hotels. We are on the left-hand or north side of Calvert Street. We are next door to the Syracuse University annex at 2305 Calvert Street, NW Washington, DC USA.

Our Address

Our address is:
2305 Calvert Street, NW Washington, DC  20008-2644.


To get to LanguageOne by Metro, take the Red Line and exit the Woodley Park - National Zoo metro station. At the top of the escalator, head south along Connecticut Avenue (away from the Zoo). Walk one block to Calvert Street and turn left. Cross Connecticut Avenue and walk past five doors. If you cross the Duke Ellington memorial bridge, then you have gone too far. 

We are on the left-hand or north side of Calvert Street. We are next door to the Syracuse University annex (you can see the Marilyn Monroe mural from our front steps).  

Our Neighborhood

LanguageOne is located in the Woodley Park neighborhood of northwest Washington, DC


LanguageOne is affiliated with or a member of the following organizations listed below:

ATA American Translators Association

NCATA National Capital Area Translators Association

ACTFL American Counsel on Teaching of Foreign Languages

AATF American Association of Teachers of French

TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Cervantes Institute Institute to Promote Spanish Language and Culture

Our History

LanguageOne was established in 1983 in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C. under the name of The LanguagExchange. To coincide with the millennium change, we changed our name. We are still the same friendly company you've always known from year one! Our logo image signifies the eyes, ears and mouth necessary for effective language learning and general communication. We were looking for something fun, unique and personal to reflect what our services and environment are all about. The president and founder had been a professional language teacher and translator for several renowned language services in the DC area and left to form her own company in order to develop her own ideas for effectively teaching languages and attract professional linguists to provide an innovative service to suit the clients' exact needs. She believes that effective language teaching encourages genuine communication and hopes to play a role in bridging cultural gaps by helping others attain a better global understanding.

To that end, LanguageOne is a unique, multi-lingual service which offers language instruction, translation, interpreting and typesetting. Our language courses are designed to meet the students' precise needs and are arranged around their schedule. We represent a staff of qualified, native instructors who have been carefully screened and trained in our teaching method. We utilize a communicative, conversational technique which encourages the students to actively participate in the class and develop confidence in the target language. Students will be placed into groups according to their profession and level. For more advanced students, we will gladly design courses for their individual needs -- pronunciation, intonation and accent reduction; idiomatic expressions and specialized vocabulary; writing skills; cultural and professional protocol. We offer both private and small, group classes conveniently scheduled at your business location or ours. We will also provide telephone lessons for those who are too busy to attend regular classes.

LanguageOne's Translator Network utilizes the industry's best, certified translators and the most up-to-date information technologies to provide fast, accurate translations into or from any language in the world and has been doing so for over 25 years. Clients may send documents directly to LanguageOne by fax or email to speed up turnaround time. Typesetting is available in a wide range of typefaces, as well as camera-ready art. We are always happy to provide you with a free estimate for any document.


The LanguageOne Office is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM EST and Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00PM EST.

Working With Us

LanguageOne is always improving and broadening its capabilities. To that end, we accept résumés from potential linguists. We have many freelance positions available for language teachers, translators, interpreters and office workers.

For language teachers, we prefer individuals who have professional teaching experience and teach in their native language. We do train all of our teachers in our methodology. We required all our ESL teachers to have lived abroad so that they will be able to understand the difficulties that a foreigner encounters in learning a new language and culture.

For translators and interpreters, we prefer individuals who are accredited or have received a certificate in translation and/or interpreting. All freelance translators are required to have a computer, fax and email and be proficient with most popular word processors and text editors.

For office workers, we prefer individuals with a friendly personality and who speak one or more foreign languages as well as fluency in English. Office workers are required to be computer literate, have good communications skills, dress professionally, and have some experience with MS Windows applications and the Internet.


LanguageOne's Internship Program was established in 1992 with Georgetown University, The George Washington University, American University, Catholic University, and the University of Maryland in order to provide university students or recently graduated students an opportunity for real-life work experience. Since that time, we have had many interns for short and long-term programs from the U.S. and abroad. Our past interns have had a wide variety of backgrounds and interests including International Affairs, Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Education, Linguistics, History and Political Science. We are happy to say that some of them have even gone on to become teachers, linguists and accredited translators after their experience of working with us.

Interns will assist the President and some of the Directors of Language Studies in various duties and projects related to linguistics, language learning and instruction, and translating depending on their areas of interest. Interns may be allowed to take on more responsibility depending on their abilities and interests, and on how well they perform their basic duties.

Interns must speak English fluently and have knowledge of one or more popular foreign language(s). Part-time positions of at least 12 hours are available 4 hours a day 2-3 days a week, and may be arranged to suit your class schedule.

We offer initial terms of 12-16 weeks throughout the year with the possibility of paid part-time work after successful completion of the initial term. Paid part-time terms can be for as long as one year. Sorry, we do not provide assistance for housing and lodging.

Virtual Tour

We are currently planning and producing a video tour of our center.



New Program: Spanish for the Medical Professional This tailored course would be helpful for any health professional tending Spanish-speaking patients. Cultural Event: Explore Undiscovered DCSpend a day practicing English while touring lesser-known sites in Washington, DC. New Classes Forming all of the time: Chinese, English, French, Italian & SpanishOur rotating schedule means you can start a class nearly anytime. Intensive Courses
These courses are intended to help you advance your language ability in a short period of time.


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