Cost-Effective Typesetting

Here are a few ideas that we that we hope you will find useful for managing your typesetting assignments.

  1. Don’t have your document or publication materials typeset or published until after it has gone through a complete and thorough editing and review process and you are sure that it is as clear, concise, complete, and correct as possible.

  2. Never ask for your materials to be translated or typeset while they are still in the review and editing process.

  3. We work with almost every popular word processor, text or HTML editor, and desktop publisher application in any operating system and foreign language version you would like. Choose the software you want us to provide the finished product in during the estimate so we can assign the project to the most appropriate translator(s), DTP, and typesetters.

  4. Be sure that your printer or service bureau has the foreign fonts and character-sets ahead of time. This is especially true with the non-Roman character sets such as Cyrillic, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc. A few questions is all it takes to clarify all of the details and help you coordinate ahead of time with your service bureau.



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